Cyclical Wisdom Journal 2020

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The Cyclical Wisdom Journal is a one-of-a-kind transformation tool to scaffold your self-reflection and intentional living throughout the year.
You will receive:
→ a 120 page journal (digital or print)
→ access to an e-course to talk you through the purpose of each page and any ‘setting up’ for the year
→ access to a meditation to call in ‘allies’ for 2020
→ regular emails with reminders and links to download pages
→ access to the closed CWJ Facebook group 
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The purpose of the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL is to aid you the admirable and necessary work of ‘Knowing Thyself.’

When we know ourselves, we can live with intention – and most importantly, the world needs
our intention, dreaming and medicine more than ever right now…


→ attune to the energy of the Moon each month
→ celebrate the seasons and sabbats with creativity
→ punctuate your year with mindfulness
→ track intentions and personal change unfolding over time
→ gain a big-picture perspective
→ experiment with the map of astrology (if you want)
→ and live with more joy

You can think of it as a form of soul-gardening.

It provides room to record aspects of your experience and what is happening, in order to, firstly, provide context for your intentions and journal reflections, and secondly, to help you witness patterns of experience.

By grabbing small windows of time to reflect on our life at these key cyclical moments, we end up with a concise record of our year, and as a result, our ability to see the broader patterns of our lives, habits and choices is greatly enhanced.

And by priestessing our lives in this way, we can slowly sing up transformation in our families, our communities, our world and ourselves!


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