New Moon in Scorpio: Tending to the Depths

Welcome to the New Moon in Scorpio, which was exact on:
Sunday 27th October, 10.39pm (CDT)
Monday 28th October, 3.39am (GMT)
Monday 28th October, 2.39pm (AEDT)

The Water sign of Scorpio represents our need for deep involvements and intense transformations (this is a definition from traditional astrologer Demetra George).

Scorpio is the Healer, the Sorcerer, the Detective, ever seeking that which lies beneath. These folk live the knowing that everything is connected to everything else. 🧙‍♀️

Scorpio is us, kitted up with breathing apparatus (or perhaps even free-diving), jumping into deep, icy(?) water, boldly journeying into the Dark, knowing we will be Changed by the experience. 🤿

The intensity of Scorpio takes guts!

Skillfully expressed, this energy is all the promise of Regeneration.

Unskillfully expressed, this energy is all the damage of Abuse of Power (because we are vulnerable in the depths)


Tending to the Depths

I’ve had a new understanding, this New Moon, of this human need for deep involvements and intense transformations, which felt worthy of unpacking here in words, even though I feel this ‘New Moon moment’ is running away from me, and I am ‘late’ with this missive!

Very recently my husband and I instigated a fortnightly space of ‘deep involvement’ to tend to ourselves and our family. We take 70 minutes, bookended by a 5-minute meditation and some candle-lighting, and use this time to talk through questions, conflicts, future plans, and the subtleties of our emotional experience in this relationship.

The last two ‘gatherings’ we’ve talked a fair bit about my menstrual cycle and the lunar cycle. I find the day before I bleed, and the day before and day of the Dark Moon “emotionally challenging!”

Wondering if you can relate?!

Anyway, what I’m finding fascinating is that these intense menstrual/dark moon experiences have rolled around every month for the entire fifteen years of our relationship, and yet we’ve never brought this kind of shared curiosity to them – both in terms of a desire to understand the other’s experience, and a desire to live these times with more Grace (haha, or maybe less of me, not sure!).

Emerging from my ‘menstrual lament’ last month, we’ve been dialoguing what extra support during my bleeding time might look like. For example. the possibility of my husband cooking dinner on Day 1 or 2, even if it’s my ‘turn.’

What seems crazy is I’ve journeyed this menstrual/cyclical space consciously for years now, and yet this feels like a brand new conversation. The ‘story’ that I need to do it on my own runs so very deep.

What is also crazy yet understandable is that, in living the possibility of being more supported during this time, I was immediately in tears with a ‘why me?’ feeling. I felt my female ancestors stretching back in time, making do, coping, getting on with things.

Who am I to mark this time on the calendar, setting it apart from ‘regular life,’ and requesting more support?

I have to acknowledge my vulnerable edge around receiving this kind of love, and my deliberate shying away from it.

This fortnightly meeting has also been a space to hear more of my husband’s experience of the predictably unpredictable terrain we walk during these times of the month. I can commiserate with him having to negotiate a highly sensitive, inflexible, easily offended person a few times a month (at least)!

Where are the gifts, the creative possibilities, in these spaces?
And how can we both care for each other, during these times?

In these ‘watery depths’, diving together into the ‘dark,’ our courage to even ask these questions is being rewarded with many creative possibilities and I come away feeling hopeful, which is a shining gift in itself!




Safe Containers for Deep Diving

It has been nourishing, enlivening and inspirational to tease out these subtle, nuanced threads, to tend to our living with deep attention, in order to transform our experience.

To the point that our gatherings are now referred to as foreplay, haha!

And like I said, it’s given me a new insight into this Scorpionic need that is part of the human experience, to be deeply engaged with.

My husband is not a deep-diver by nature, not unless the fun is guaranteed. Whereas I am, can’t help myself.

I have a (bad) habit of failing at surface conversation, or yanking it down to a level I’m more comfortable with.

(And my father was a diver with the Navy reserve, so maybe I come by it honestly!)

For me, deep engagement = love. But at the same time, I shy away from it, cos it can be intense.

It’s like I want to feel deeply known in the form of a subtle sideways glance or fleeting hand on the shoulder. What a conundrum!

Wondering if you can relate?!

So, I feel the generosity of my husband’s willingness to be ‘deeply involved’ with me in a way that isn’t his preference. I don’t take it for granted.

I also hope and know that he is being unexpected nourished by these depths.

To continue the diving analogy, perhaps the underwater surveyance of our sunken shipwrecks is more life-giving and less dangerous than he expected.

What has made the difference is the creation of a safe enough container in which to dive deep together. We are aided by the ‘weight-belt’ of a set time, ceremony and intention, and the ‘oxygen tank’ of deep abiding love for each other that is true underneath all the waves.

I share these parts of my own life to illuminate the gifts of the Scorpio archetype, and given we just had a Scorpio New Moon, these are gifts of depth and connection we are invited to explore all this month!


New Moon in Scorpio journal prompts

What parts of your life are calling for your focused, ‘intentful’ gaze?

What safe containers or support could you create in order to explore a little deeper?

What aspects of life are you ‘diving’ into?

How are your relationships inviting you to transform?

What inner alchemy – what process of ‘lead into gold’ or ‘worthless to valuable’ – are you priestess to, this month?