New Moon in Leo: Fires of Transformation

Welcome to the New Moon in Leo, which was exact on:
Wednesday 31st July, 10.11pm (CDT)
Thursday 1st August, 4.11am (BST)
Thursday 1st August, 1.11pm (AEST)

To me it felt like a burst of fresh energy, after the intensity of the two eclipses and some grinding Cancer-Capricorn transformation!

In fact, it hardly even felt like a Dark Moon, yesterday, when I emerged from working all day in my bedroom office and walked into an impromptu kitchen karaoke party!

Someone forgot to tell Leo it was a Dark Moon, not a Full Moon – hahaha!

These past six weeks, I’ve journeyed some strong relational shifts with my partner – living out our old stories, and weaving in some new ones.

Somehow I come away with my self and my foundations (Cancer) having been strengthened and my vision for what’s possible (Capricorn) in this relationship having been expanded. Grateful for that!

🔥 What old stories have you alchemised, over the past 6 weeks?
🔥 What new possibilities are opening up?
🔥 What is fun, right now? Where’s the joy?
🔥 How are you being asked to grow + expand your abilities?
🔥 What do you want to learn?
🔥 How do you want to lead?

Take action! (And have fun with it!)


Desire to Learn

The other way I’m experiencing this fiery New Moon is as an intense desire to learn! I’d inhale some books right now, if I could!

The other night, when our family hit the library, I ended up coming out with an armload of books up to my neck. My husband just laughed at me, but what can I say, I got lost in the 155s (of the Dewey decimal system, that is)!

On the go right now (before I tackle that stack!):

📘 The Art of Gathering: Create Transformative Meetings, Events and Experiences by Priya Parker

📘 Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

I recommend them both!

When I posted about this on Instagram yesterday, my friend Rachel said:
“Wow ! Yesterday I finally sat down and listened to the online course I purchased 6 months ago on shamanic healing and ancestors. All I could feel and think is OMG all I wanna do is learn. Love your astrology information. Makes soooo much sense. Thank you. X”

Thanks, Rach! And how blessed we are to have access to so many ideas!


More ‘New Moon in Leo’ questions

🔥 Where are you wanting to grow?
🔥 What would it look like to invest in these parts of yourself?
🔥 How much is transformation worth to you?
🔥 How do you take a concept or idea and action it in your life? What’s it take to make it real?


Lots of love!

xxx Grace