midsummer magic

today i am leaking
spilling down my legs
on the floor
under my nails
day 2 bleeding
and my visceral experience
is an uncontained pleasure

ideas spill out of me
ripe, proliferous
conversations are fertile ground
as i drip fullness
under this full moon
this bright solstice sky
an inner ferment
it’s possible i might explode

i know myself
as cosmic womb
i hold the MultiVerse within
all this erotic life energy
can i ground this body electric,
bridging heaven and earth?
oh yes i can
my ecstasy tolerance is high

any efficient action scrambled
all i can do is surrender
i bathe in the sun
its warmth moving over me
i long for it in me
solar lover
this ecstatic womb
i open myself to the light

later, in the evening sun
we cruise the quiet streets
on bikes, icecreams like
midsummer magic dripping
down our hands
blue hills melting in the golden light
twin black cockatoos
passing in silent grace

this flaming sunset
this blood-stained day
this delight-full body
this seasonal climax
this orgasmic life
i am
solstice magic
leaking everywhere