Cyclical Mentoring is a 1-hour conversation (via Zoom) in which to explore whatever is arising for you, whatever is calling for your loving attention, in a non-prescriptive atmosphere.

I am guided by you, in these sessions, because I am not the expert on your life… you are!

So we never know where we’ll end up, and I’m certainly not coming with any easy ‘answers’!  But together we hold a space of curiosity, trust in your process, and respect for your body’s wisdom, in order to make room for what wishes to be seen and heard.


Our Modus Operandi:
Radical Acceptance + Full Presence = New Awareness
New Awareness + Time = Transformation!


Lighting a candle at the beginning of a Cyclical Mentoring session…

“But if you don’t have answers, why should I bother…?!”

These sessions “work” for two reasons:

1) Our soul (AKA our urge to evolve) is always on the lookout for opportunities to dish out the next lesson, the next ‘piece’ we need to integrate.  So when we make a space like this to reflect on ourselves, our soul doesn’t hold back!  There’s always something to explore.

2) It’s always potent to be lovingly witnessed, to hear/see ourselves reflected back, and that’s what I can offer.  I receive your story, your musings, your embodiment, and at the end of our session, I mirror back to you what I have seen and heard and felt, hopefully weaving these things together in a way that illuminates, clarifies or inspires!


How does it work?

We start off by ‘setting the scene‘ with one piece of astrological information that places you at a particular point in a big-picture 30-year cycle.  This provides a useful context for our explorations, orienting us to some of the opportunities that are present right now.

(You have to admit, knowing whether you are in ‘planting season’ or ‘harvest season’ changes what actions you might choose to undertake!)

Then it’s over to you.

What are you journeying with at the moment?

What voices of your Soul, your Body, your Self – quiet or loud – are calling to be heard?

Where do you feel like you’re turning in circles, not getting anywhere?

What ‘perpetual dilemmas’ are inviting a new approach?


Regardless of what you are journeying with , this conversation will help you:
Reframe your experience in the context of multiple cycles
Explore what opportunities are present right now
Gain clarity on what to do next
Attune to your body and what it’s telling you right now
→ Clear blocks, limiting beliefs and ancestral stories
→ And s
tep into transformation!


Free Sessions!

Also, I offer a free Cyclical Mentoring session once a month, as a gift to the world!  If you see an availability, it’s yours if you want it! (see below)

Kind Words

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You may wish to explore:
Change and transition
Fears and mental blocks
Ancestral stories & Red/White thread
Perpetual dilemmas (those familiar angsty places)
Life stage and rites of passage
Menstruation & life with a womb
Sexuality, birth and creativity
Anything that arose out of your Cycles of Transformation report


Many of us know what our next step is. But we put off taking it.

Right there, that’s the conversation! Let’s have it!


Feel free to email me with any questions, or…