lunar affirmations

Lunar Affirmations: attune to the energy of each day

The idea arrived a little while ago to write some prayers ~ Lunar Affirmationsto go along with the lunar cycle, words that would help me attune to the possibilities or ‘medicine’ of each day. And recently I found the space to formulate something on paper. I found myself gravitating to very simple statements, single sentences on the whole.

These Lunar Affirmations are like prayers for the self, and for the world via the self’s experience and longing.  They act as invitations, inviting us into an expression of human wholeness (as articulated in the zodiac).

An experiment

I am interested in seeing how I feel about these as the Moon cycles through the zodiac, as I live the energy of the Moon. Feeling for resonance and dissonance, both.  And keen to hear how you find them, too!

So I’m sending them out into the world as a seed, so we can experiment with them together!  Sign up on the sidebar or popup to download them for free!

The Lunar Affirmations come in the form of a simple pdf containing:

  • a list of dates/days for the current lunar month
  • the corresponding lunar phase and sign for each day
  • a short sentence that captures some of the energy of these two dynamics (the combined opportunities of phase and sign)
  • occasional information about other astronomical events, such as equinoxes, or particular planetary meetings

For your free copy of this month’s Lunar Affirmations, sign up on the sidebar or popup to down, print them off and use them whenever you like!