lammasToday, we mark the sabbat Lammas, or Lughnassadh, the first of three harvest festivals.  Here we bear witness to the first fruits of our efforts, both physical and metaphorical, from whatever we were planting back in July-August-September last year.  It’s worth reflecting on what’s been successful, what you’re pleased with, and/or what you might change next time (and there’s so often a next time!  So many ‘second chances’ in this life!).  Also, what do you need to put in place so you’re prepared for the rest of the harvest that’s coming?  How are you going to ‘preserve’ the richness and share it with others?

You may choose to honour this time of year with a ritual for yourself and/or others around the themes of: harvest, abundance, achievement, corn, poppies, bread, red and gold, richness, ripeness, fruitfulness, haze, heaviness, heat, afterglow, the beginning of the end, sadness, sacrifice, paying the price, turning towards Darkness, generosity and celebrating gifts.

(Sabbat keywords from ‘Wheel of the Year’ by Teresa Moorey & Jane Brideson.)