Gemini Lunar Circle

speak your truth
share your story
shift your mindset

→ starting May 24/25

You're invited...

journey with a small group of soulful women over the course of one month, exploring your embodied experience in the context of the lunar cycle!

New Moon in Gemini

It’s a New Moon in Gemini on Friday 22nd May, 2020, at 12.38pm (CDT).  Change is afoot, the mutable call to flex and adapt, the airy call to shed the stories that no longer serve, and sing out the ones that do!

Join this Lunar Circle to:

→ Get clear on where you need to speak up, share your story or shift your mindset

→ Stay grounded and focused in the face of societal and personal change

→ Bring mindfulness to your experience and check in with your intentions at four key moments throughout the cycle

→ Offer your loving presence, and receive loving witness, in the company of other kindred hearts…!

Circles for a month

You’ll receive:

❀ Intimate group connection (capped at 9)

❀ Five weekly group Zoom calls (1hr 15 mins long)

❀ Companioning and support, via email and energetically

Two different time options:

8pm Sun (CDT) / 11am Mon (AEST)

or 9pm Mon (CDT) / 12pm Tues (AEST)


Check your timezone here

NM: Sunday 24th May, 9pm (CDT) FQ: Sunday 31st May, 9pm (CDT) FM: Sunday 7th June, 9pm (CDT) LQ: Sunday 14th June, 9pm (CDT) DM: Sunday 21st June, 9pm (CDT)


NM: Monday 25th May, 9pm (CDT) FQ: Monday 1st June, 9pm (CDT) FM: Monday 8th June, 9pm (CDT) LQ: Monday 15th June, 9pm (CDT) DM: Monday 22nd June, 9pm (CDT)


This circle is for you if . . .

→ you want to explore your truth, your voice, your ideas, your mindset, your ability to learn and communicate

→ you want to punctuate your month with moments of mindfulness, where you deliberately reflect on your New Moon intention and how it’s shaping up (or not!)

→ you want to continue the process of naming and releasing the old stories and family patterns that you are being invited to shed, in order to live out a new mindset and therefore a new reality

→ you have a Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Ascendant Ruler in Gemini (or opposite in Sagittarius) and you want to be listening to the soulful opportunities of this cycle more consciously than usual (these are not pre-requisites, though!)

→ you feel periodically overwhelmed amidst all this global change, and want to deliberately ground yourself in your illuminating truth

→ you’d enjoy the company of a small group of soulful women sharing their stories, and loving receiving yours…

“I've never been a part of a women's circle before but I am thoroughly enjoying this. I look forward to hearing what everyone has experienced through the week and feel grateful to share my little bit. I'm amazed at how nourishing the hour is... like super amazed actually!”

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you. 
— Maya Angelou


Astrology is a mytho-poetic language for understanding the human experience.  It’s like a natural liturgical calendar, asking us to reflect on various aspects of our human experience. 

Call it coaching from the Cosmos!

The Moon cycles through the 12 zodiacal signs each year, and on 24/25 May we have a New Moon in the airy sign of Gemini.

Gemini represents our rational intelligence, our human need for stories, and our delight in exploring a breadth of ideas and perspectives.

Over the course of five circles, we’ll explore and refer back to our ‘New Moon in Gemini’ intentions, which we set at the beginning of the lunar month.  We are listening for how this airy, mutable energy is being expressed in our lived experience.

Think of a journalist, interviewing subjects, recording events, offering unique perspectives.  Think of a butterfly, alighting on numerous flowers, exploring each one with beginner’s mind.  Think of a storyteller, who has you entranced around the fire, late at night.  

This is Gemini.


Mercury is the planet that ‘rules’ Gemini.  

Also known as Hermes, messenger of the gods. 

Mercury represents our capacity to think, to speak, to learn, to reason.  Vital abilities in a world saturated with information, misinformation and the opinion of every Joe Bloggs on social media, wouldn’t you say?!

Mercury represents our Communicative Self, how we throw ourselves into a wide range of mental, literary, relational and multicultural experiences, and return with stories to share of our adventures…

What do YOU know?
What is your Story?

Cosmic Insight

If you’d like to know more about where Gemini and Mercury fall in your chart, and what arenas of life may be affected this month, you can book a Clarity in the Chrysalis session to accompany your circle explorations.

This reading anchors your current experience in the big-picture ‘season’ of your life, as well as the global restructuring taking place in 2020.

Meet your guide

Hi, I’m Grace!

I’m a teacher, star-gazer and women’s circle facilitator living in Manitoba, Canada, and I’m obsessed with cycles and patterns and how they can help us create grounded, sustainable lives!

A huge part of my journey has involved sitting in circle with other women.  Many different women, many kinds of circle.

These containers of space and time were a ‘womb‘ in which for me to heal, grow and rebirth myself, multiple times over!

I believe deeply in the transformative power of solidarity.  We don’t need someone else to tell us the ‘answers’ or ‘fix’ our problems.  But we do need to know we’re not alone.

In these Circles of Belonging & Presence, we companion each other into deeper self-awareness, self-worth and authenticity!

"Grace, thanks, as always, for holding such a gentle, open-hearted space."

Circles for a month

You’ll receive:

❀ Intimate group connection (capped at 9)

❀ Five weekly group Zoom calls (1hr 15 mins long)

❀ Companioning and support, via email and energetically

Two different time options:

8pm Sun (CDT) / 11am Mon (AEST)

or 9pm Mon (CDT) / 12pm Tues (AEST)

Check your timezone here

"Our last circle became one of the most interesting learning experiences about myself that I've had in circle!!"


That’s okay, the point of committing is so we can create connection and intimacy, but it needs to fit in with your life as well!

So, feel free to book in for this circle, if you’re feeling the call, and just let me know which day you’ll be absent.  

I get it, astrology is like a language, and not everyone wants to speak French!  No astro knowledge is required for participation in this circle, and the emphasis will be on our lived experience, and the practical, visible journey of the Moon through her phases, rather than esoteric astro knowlege.

I’ll be posting a few more one-off circles soon, join my mailing list to stay in the loop!  Scroll down a wee bit further for the sign-up form…

This circle is by donation, so there are no refunds.  That said, no one has ever asked for one!

Yes, in some ways it is unnatural.  But, for all that we might not know each other, we share many experiences in common, and there’s a transpersonal power in hearing ourselves in the mirror of each other. 

We also make time to connect with ourselves, render the space sacred, and agree to confidentiality, as ways to make the circle feel safer.