Full Moon in Pisces: Living the Dream

The Full Moon in Pisces is exact on:
Friday 13th September, 11.32pm (CDT)
Saturday 14th September, 5.32am (BST)
Saturday 14th September, 2.32pm (AEST)

Almost two weeks ago, we started a brand new lunar cycle, under earthy Virgo energy, with its strong call to ‘priestess our lives,’ to tweak our systems and process, our inner workings, in order to live our sacred truth DEEPER and BIGGER!

Now we’re at the Full Moon, which falls in the sign opposite Virgo: watery Pisces.

It’s a full-frontal with our Dreams, the chance to See how they are coming into form, or not.

For some, a tsunami. A huge wave of purpose lifting you off your feet, demanding action in the world.
🌊 🌊 🌊

For some, the quiet whisper of a shell. A simple attunement, demanding invisible deepening into Self.
🐚 🐚 🐚

And still this relentless call, to let go of self-constructs and identity stories that are holding us back. The imperative urge to shed a skin, that seemed to come with the Virgo New Moon.


Are you feeling that, too?


Live on Purpose!

All around me, I’m seeing women/wxmyn incandescent with their Path and where it is calling them – more on that later!

And here we are, two weeks later, at the Full Moon in Pisces. I’m not sure I’ve arrived yet, I’m still processing that Virgo hit, big time!

Pisces is the DREAM, and I keep hearing it everywhere: the incendiary call to LIVE ON PURPOSE!

To lean towards our Vision with a quantum leap of faith! (Even if that Virgo New Moon highlighted all our old failings in a devastating, familiar and comprehensive critique, all the reasons why faith feels impossible…)

And, as per above, if you don’t know what your purpose is, chances are your pain is a pathway to it…



Full Moon in Pisces VISION

Here’s a list of women who are totally embodying this call right now – living on FIRE, luminous with VISION!

Beware, they may CHANGE you!

Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach, Full Moon in Pisces visionaries🔥 Glennon Doyle and Abby Wambach
Christian mom blogger turned lesbian activist and former US Soccer champion and Olympic gold medallist oozing serious play and playful activism! I feel the radiance of these guys most when they are absolutely cacking themselves about something – usually involving a toothbrush, see here and here!

🔥 Angel/Angela Gallo
Doula, visibility coach and motivational speaker – she’s preachin’ it here!

🔥 Gabriella Rosie
Artist devoted to living her biggest, baddest and boldest life, and helping other wxmyn do the same!

🔥 Tani Beister
Four Seasons Journey graduate, creatrix of the Pleasure State and self-proclaimed hedonist, burning a hole in her old life by saying yes to what feels good right now, no judgment!

🔥 Jane Hardwicke Collings
Visionary and Founder of the School of Shamanic Womancraft, helping women Re-Member their wild selves!


Deep gratitude to these Way-Showers!

Let’s cheer each other on doing our best, rebirthing ourselves and our world before it’s too late!

Now is not the time to hold out on your Dreams…


Sending all my love,

xxx Grace



(Beautiful shell artwork: Debra Bernier)