full moon in capricorn morning routine

Full Moon in Capricorn: Purposeful Structures

Welcome to the Full Moon in Capricorn, which is exact on:
Tuesday 16th July, 4.38pm (CDT)
Tuesday 16th July, 10.38pm (BST)
Wednesday 17th July, 7.38am (AEST)

I wrote about all this last time – remember this Full Moon is in Capricorn, so our goals, ambitions, disciplines and the practical shape of our life is under some scrutiny.  We are calling in purposeful life structures that serve our biggest and best visions.

🌳 Where could you live BIGGER? Show up more fully?

🌳 Where could you face your fears and do it anyway?

🌳 And what structure, scaffolding or support do you need to get in place, in order to make these changes?

Don’t just leave it to willpower – that’s a guaranteed way to fail!

And I’m not talking necessarily about doing more. Showing up bigger and more fully might look like having the tremendous courage to let go of something and do less…


Full Moon in Capricorn: Morning Routine

I always appreciate Benjamin Hardy and his advocacy for living life on purpose.

In particular, I am working on implementing the ideas in this article of his on daily routine as a way to ground and propel my actions. Here’s a little taste of the big picture, what’s at stake, and then he dives into specific suggestions:

“If you don’t start your day with intention, you are living in survival mode… You are stuck living the same experiences and emotions and patterns, over and over and over. This is not a fun way to live. Yet this is how most people are living in today’s heavily stimulated and addicting world. We are spending more and more time in subconscious and distracting cycles….

“One of the primary reasons people stay in even life-threatening addictions is because they know the outcomes of their behaviour. The human brain really likes being able to predict the future. Thus, people want their lives to be predictable even if what is predictable is absolutely painful and horrible and regretful.

“If you want to become someone new, you have to do something where you cannot entirely predict the outcome…

What new, unpredictable possibilities is your soul calling your attention to, right now?

What pay-offs are there for maintaining the status-quo? What emotional edge are you avoiding?

Have a read, it’s life-changing stuff!


Full Moon in Capricorn: Velocity

Some of this restructuring energy feels like I’m building up a velocity to propel me through the next six months. Is that just me, or do you feel that too?

I often feel scared of velocity, often catch myself slowing things down to a more manageable pace. Trying to control the rate of change. But I’m attempting to get out of my own way in this regard.

Things I’m excited about as I look to the next six months:
👍 going on a family holiday down the Mississippi River!
👍 starting a local women’s circle!
👍 taking the Lunar Journal to a whole new level this year!

What about you, what are you wanting to birth, create or grow?

And what do you need to do now, in order for these dreams to come into being?

What STRUCTURE would support you?


Alrighty, sending all my love!

xxx Grace