Full Moon in Capricorn: Commitment to Self

Welcome to this upcoming Full Moon moment, at 3° Capricorn, exact on:
Thu 24 Jun, 1.39pm (CDT)
Thu 24 Jun, 7.39pm (BST)
Fri 25 Jun, 4.39am (AEST)

And Happy Solstice as well!

Had a beautiful time camping with friends over the weekend, we made these ‘prayer flags’ to mark this seasonal moment (Summer Solstice for us), creating a set for each of our campsites!

An easy, satisfying activity, that I am filing away for next year…

My Solstice reflections have been dominated by this second Saturn-Uranus square that just happened (on Jun 14/15).

I finally got around to reading over my journals from Feb 17 (when the first pass happened). Sure enough, there was great food for thought there, entirely relevant to my current experience, suitably ‘illuminating’ for my Solstice moment!

How about you, what was arising for you in Feb?

Back then I had a huge insight around how I project untrustworthiness onto other people, but actually, I’m the one who’s not backing myself and speaking up for what I need, and therefore, I’m the one who’s ‘untrustworthy.’

Whoa, that was a total reframe! 😊

I tried to document this lightbulb moment as clearly as I could, cos I knew I’d be cycling back to these old relational patterns and perpetual dilemmas.

Sure enough, I find myself in a similar place right now, projecting untrustworthiness onto my partner, and going to extreme efforts to distance myself from his disturbing differences. (What do you mean, you’re considering getting the vaccine, largely due to peer pressure?!!!)

On the exact second pass, after butting heads over our COVID responses for a while, we decided to take our autonomy to the next level, and make more room than ever before for each of us to live true to ourselves, facing less than ever before judgment from each other.

On paper, that intention looks pretty good, eh. Admirable, even. And it is.

But I need to make sure that I’m not doing some kind of spiritual bypass, shirking my personal work of articulating what I want and need, and sharing what the implications of our differences are, for me.

I jump to distance and disconnection as a way of navigating difference. I give up on negotiation, often unconsciously, and roll directly with (resentfully and resignedly) accommodating the other person’s disturbing opinion/action.

Martyr-ish. Fatalistic. Rageful. Uncreative. Shut down.

I can track that back to childhood, of course. There wasn’t much room to disagree, in my family of origin, and, at the same time, much disagreement happened and was rarely resolved in nourishing, win-win ways.

Doesn’t mean I need to stop there, though! Thank gawd for neuroplasticity! And the transformation power of time!


So here’s this Solstice moment, where I find myself gifted with the invitation to not fall into this same relational hole, thanks to the diligent documenting efforts of my Past Self. (Thankyou SO much, Past Self!!)

It’s funny how mental/rational I have to be, to course-correct towards a different way of being. It’s like the possibility hardly fits in my head! I have to spell it out for myself.

  • Difference of opinion is expressed (whaddayaknow?!)
  • I give myself permission to feel whatever I feel about that, no apologies, no judgment
  • I get curious about how the other person arrived at their stance, ask questions about how they came to their belief or action, what assumptions they are making
  • Perhaps I can access some empathy through the awareness of their different values and worldview – ie. if I believed those things, perhaps I’d be coming to the same conclusion
  • I throw the net of possibilities as WIDE as I possibly can, choosing to imagine best case scenarios as well as worst case scenarios.
  • I ask for time to digest, if necessary (I’m a forceps born baby, so often feel rushed, timelines are HUGE for me, I often don’t even think to give myself more time!)
  • From here, can I separate my true and sovereign boundaries from my defensive, habitual judgement?


I still can’t quite get to the heart of it. And that’s okay. The final pass for the Saturn-Uranus square happens at the end of this year, on Dec 24. Maybe by then I’ll have had the chance to integrate this lesson more fully, therefore able to show up differently in these kinds of difficult conversations.

So curious about this thread that is unfolding in 2021 for you, anchored by these dates (Feb 17/18, Jun 14/15 and Dec 24) – what is becoming clear to you?

Would love to hear!


The lunar prayer for this Full Moon in Capricorn is: “We are Committed.”

We are Free, Resourceful, Curious, Loving, Playful, Devoted, Sovereign, Transforming, Inspired, Committed, Hopeful and Open.

What are you committed to, perhaps in relation to your New Moon in Gemini intention that you set (or unconsciously lived!) two weeks ago?

I am committed to creating space for my partner to be more himself, while also creating space to express my truth ever more distinctly.

I am committed to being trustworthy, for myself first and foremost. I do this by becoming more conscious of my unconscious patterns.

I am committed to learning how to do my work more effectively, how to host valuable, insightful conversations better than ever before.

I am committed to women always having a choice about what happens to their bodies, cos goddess knows, for so many thousands of years we didn’t. For this reason, I have zero tolerance for coercive vaccine measures, such as a vaccine passport. We ALWAYS have, and demand, the freedom to do EXACTLY what we want with our bodies – and to the Australian government’s manipulative ‘no jab, no pay’ scheme for children’s vaccinations, and pathological desire to eradicate homebirth and other sovereign choices, I say F*** You!

I am committed to keeping COVID in perspective, no matter what the media is doing. There are far worse things going on in the world, worse things to worry about, bigger problems worthy of my attention and activism.

I am committed to asking questions and resisting manipulation, especially by questioning my own default, unconscious thinking, and the biases and assumptions of the System.


These are the ‘Full Moon in Capricorn’ prompts from the Cyclical Wisdom Journal, as well as a few extras:

What are you committed to?

Which of your responsibilities, or current life experience, feel life-giving, and which feel misaligned or unsustainable?

Given this, and given this seasonal ‘turning point’ moment, what course-correction or different path might you choose for the next six months, to transform this dynamic?

What is being illuminated, this Full Moon?



  • I had the pleasure, at the New Moon eclipse, of listening in to a bunch of powerful, post-menopausal women riffing on eldership and redefining aging (a friend, Geraldine, had asked me to share the idea of an extra life-stage of Maga, or whatever you want to call it!). SO GLAD these conversations are happening, grateful for these Way-Showers!> CHECK IT OUT and sign up if you’re interested in the next round… (at least go and read Geraldine’s bio, cracks me up!)
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  • A bit left field, perhaps, but I’m really appreciating Bluefishing by Steve Sims, and his refreshing invitation to dream big and jump in, without wasting time doing too much planning and perfecting, or letting your old mindset create walls where there are none! I aspire to his ability to embrace the discomfort of the unknown! #downtoearth #keepingitreal> LEARN MORE


Alright, sending love!  Grateful for this opportunity to practice being both distinctly me and accepting of others (like you!)… what a dance, eh!

💛 💛 💛

xxx Grace

P.S. If you’d like some company digesting this month, the Cyclical Wonder Club has a Dark Moon Digestion call on Sat 3 July (North America) /Sun 4 July (Australia) ~ you’re welcome to join us!