Crescent Moon in Taurus: Choose Love!

One of my highlights from Seven Sisters Festival this was listening to Jane Hardwicke Collings and Rhea Dempsey sharing the floor in their compelling workshop, Birth Today (aka Birthing in a Dystopia)!

Rhea, who oriented me on my path one night, thirteen years ago, addressing the topic of pain in labour. Electric words she spoke that night, altering the trajectory of my life.

The homebirths of each of my three children were a radical Re-Membering of my Power and Intuitive Wisdom, my body as Sovereign and Strong. A physical experiencing that sung up a shift in my spiritual self, a deep craving for the Divine Embodied Feminine.

This shift in turn led me, after many years, to Jane Hardwicke Collings, where my spiritual hunger has been quenched with sisterhood, Earth, lineage and connection to my roots – to my body, my Red Thread, and to ancient history when we lived a different paradigm.

To see Jane and Rhea embodying their wisdom together on stage was a potent magic for me. I am forever heart-grateful to them both.

And Journeying to meet my great-great-grandchildren, to ask what I need to do now, so they can come into the world as they want and need to, so they can have the births they want to have, blew my heart wide, wide open…

I saw them walking down the beach, a whole mob of them – tears rising now again as I write…

The incredible clarity of knowing I act for them. How I live my life now matters for them.

This is a connection stretching forward in time, ever-present – one I had forgotten, never been taught… One I am Re-membering now!

Their simple wisdom was Love. My great-great-grandchildren told me to Love.

And at first I thought that was rather generic, intangible wisdom. But as I sit with it, I hear echoes of Jane and Rhea’s teachings: there is only love and fear, only oxytocin and adrenaline.

And so, choose oxytocin, my future relations sing to me!
Make Love in the World!
Hug and smile and gaze with heart wide open!

This is the medicine the world needs now, more than ever. May my Ancestors give me the Strength to Live this Love…