Circles of Belonging & Presence

Taurus lunar cycle:
honour the bones
nourish the soil
plant the seeds

→ starting April 22/23

You're invited...

journey with a small group of soulful women over the course of one month, exploring your embodied experience in the context of the lunar cycle, and being nourished by solidarity!

What if...

→ you said yes to the Taurean invitation to deeper authenticity, embodiment, structure, groundedness, creativity and resourcefulness, this month?

→ you took what is ‘bubbling in your cauldron’ right now and gave it your full attention, slowly but surely transforming your life as a result?

→ you were supported by a group of loving sisters, some ‘company in the chrysalis‘ so to speak, sharing stories and nourishing each other by being truly ourselves?

We start April 22/23  →

This circle is full, but you can sign up for a one-off circle, if you’d appreciate some connection or want to see what it’s like!  JOIN HERE

This experience is for you if . . .

→ social isolation has you bursting at the seams with what you are wanting and needing!  What better time than now to look at what’s working and what needs to shift?

→ the change in work/life balance has thrown gender norms in your face and renegotiating the expectations has you questioning your self-worth and value

old stories and family patterns are arising, amidst this current intensity… inviting an excavation and honouring of your ancestral ‘bones’ and even past life stories

→ you’re watching your self-care slide out the window, along with your old routine, and you’d value some accountability and support to prioritise your body and health

→ you feel a huge creative urge, a vast fertility, in this ‘unprecedented’ space, and want to take practical steps towards birthing your vision!

→ you have a Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Ascendant Ruler in Taurus or Scorpio and you want to be listening to the soulful opportunities of this cycle more consciously than usual

→ you’re periodically overwhelmed amidst all this change, and want to deliberately ground yourself in your truth

→ you’d enjoy the company of a small group of soulful women sharing their stories, and receiving yours, knowing yourself not alone


Circles for a month

You’ll receive:

❀ Intimate group connection (capped at 12)

❀ Five weekly group Zoom calls
7pm Wed (CDT) / 10am Thurs (AEST), or check your timezone here

❀ Membership to this Circle group on Mighty Networks

Companioning and support, via email and energetically

This is a commitment for the whole month.
Payment is on a sliding scale, starting at $5.

We start April 22/23  →

This circle is full, but you can sign up for a one-off circle, if you’d appreciate some connection or want to see what it’s like!  JOIN HERE

“I've never been a part of a women's circle before but I am thoroughly enjoying this. I look forward to hearing what everyone has experienced through the week and feel grateful to share my little bit. I'm amazed at how nourishing the hour is... like super amazed actually!”

“We have all a better guide in ourselves, if we would attend to it, than any other person can be.” 
— Jane Austen


Astrology is a mytho-poetic language for understanding the human experience.  It’s like a natural liturgical calendar, asking us to reflect on various aspects of our human experience. 

Call it coaching from the Cosmos!

The Moon cycles through the 12 zodiacal signs each year, and on 22/23 April we have a New Moon in the earthy sign of Taurus.

Taurus stands for practical resourcing, solid embodiment, joyful sensuality, nourishing structures and fertile creation.  

Over the course of five circles, we will explore and refer back to this ‘Taurean New Moon invitation,’ listening for how it is being expressed in our lived experience.

Think of a garden, full of life, flowing through natural phases.  Think of your body unencumbered by family stories and cultural stereotypes, full of life, governed by natural rhythms.  Think of a cell in your body, imbued with clear purpose, healthy structure and robust boundaries.  This is Taurus.


Venus is the planet that ‘rules’ Taurus.  You can imagine her drinking a cold bevvy in her beautiful flower garden, or planting seeds on faith, knowing they will one day turn into enormous pumpkins, and in the meantime, enjoying the sensory experience of the fresh air in her lungs and the cool soil on her hands.

Venus represents our capacity to attract that which we love and desire.  She knows she wants pumpkins, so she creates the conditions for them to come to her!  

Of course, within our patriarchal context, many of us struggle to connect with our desire, after thousands of years of being punished, abused and killed for attuning to inner song and speaking our truth.

But here we are.  This cycle, Venus will be asking you: 

what is it that you desire?

And of course, that brings you straight to all the *things* that get in the way of you and what you are hungering for, and all the ways you have been taught not to speak up for what you want.

Not easy.  Often uncomfortable.  Always a stretch.  Even moving into deeper delight is a stretch.

Hence, journeying together.  Cheering each other.  Learning from each other.  And helping each other remember our wholeness.  

Cosmic Insight

If you’d like to know more about where Taurus and Venus fall in your chart, and what arenas of life may be affected this month, you can book a Clarity in the Chrysalis session to accompany your circle explorations.

This session will take into account the global restructuring taking place in response to the COVID pandemic, and the broader phases of your life in general, based on insights from your natal chart, and your own lived experience.

Meet your guide

Hi, I’m Grace!

I’m a teacher, star-gazer and women’s circle facilitator living in Manitoba, Canada, and I’m obsessed with cycles and patterns and how they can help us create grounded, sustainable lives!

A huge part of my journey has involved sitting in circle with other women.  Many different women, many kinds of circle.

These containers of space and time were a ‘womb‘ in which for me to heal, grow and rebirth myself, multiple times over!

I believe deeply in the transformative power of solidarity.  We don’t need someone else to tell us the ‘answers’ or ‘fix’ our problems.  But we do need to know we’re not alone.

In these Circles of Belonging & Presence, we companion each other into deeper self-awareness, self-worth and authenticity!

"Grace, thanks, as always, for holding such a gentle, open-hearted space."

Are you feeling the call?

Would love to journey with you!

You can book a place in this circle by donation.

Booking helps you commit to this month-long journey, and helps me create a safer, more familiar space for all attendees.

There are various payment options on a sliding scale
→ please book in with whatever amount feels right and doable for you! 

No amount is too small.  I feel strongly that circle is our birthright as women. 

When you book, I commit to holding you in my loving intention for the whole month. 💛💛💛

We start April 22/23  →

This circle is full, but you can sign up for a one-off circle, if you’d appreciate some connection or want to see what it’s like!  JOIN HERE

"Our last circle became one of the most interesting learning experiences about myself that I've had in circle!!"


That’s okay, the point of committing is so we can create connection and intimacy, but it needs to fit in with your life as well!

So, feel free to book in for this circle, if you’re feeling the call, and just let me know which day you’ll be absent.  

I get it, astrology is like a language, and not everyone wants to speak French!  No astro knowledge is required for participation in this circle, and the emphasis will be on our lived experience, and the practical, visible journey of the Moon through her phases, rather than esoteric astro knowlege.

Yes, you can sign up for a single circle here.  

This circle is by donation, so there are no refunds.  That said, no one has ever asked for one!

Yes, in some ways it is unnatural.  But, for all that we might not know each other, we share many experiences in common, and there’s a transpersonal power in hearing ourselves in the mirror of each other. 

We also make time to connect with ourselves, render the space sacred, and agree to confidentiality, as ways to make the circle feel safer.

Keep me in the loop!

It’s not working out for me this time, but I’d like to know about future circles…