New Moon in Leo: Fires of Transformation

Welcome to the New Moon in Leo, which was exact on: Wednesday 31st July, 10.11pm (CDT) Thursday 1st August, 4.11am (BST) Thursday 1st August, 1.11pm (AEST) To me it felt like a burst of fresh energy, after the intensity of the two eclipses and some grinding Cancer-Capricorn transformation! In fact, it hardly even felt like […]

New Moon in Cancer: Autoimmunity and the Loss of Self-Tolerance

(Image: We are One, by MiaCharro.) I’ve been reading a book called The Hashimoto’s Healing Diet: Anti-Inflammatory Strategies for Losing Weight, Boosting Your Thyroid, and Getting Your Energy Back by Marc Ryan. As I was saying here, I keep an eye out for thyroid stuff, cos it’s in my genetic stream. I also know that […]

Full Moon in Libra: What’s your ‘subject’?

The other night, as an unconscious Spring seed, I started reading Steven Pressfield’s latest book The Artist’s Journey: The Wake of the Hero’s Journey and the Lifelong Pursuit of Meaning. You might remember Steven from The War of Art fame… where he writes about how an epic battle with Resistance is part of every creative […]

Book Review: Helen Luke, Women, Earth & Spirit

  While on retreat last month, I found a book, Woman, Earth & Spirit: the Feminine in Symbol and Myth by Helen Luke, in the monastery library.  I love myths and fairy tales and the perfect synchronicities contained therein.  And I love an explanation of some of their more subtle meanings.  So I borrowed it and have […]