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Welcome, and thanks so much for helping to spread the word about the CYCLICAL WISDOM JOURNAL!

I totally believe that this awareness-raising tool has the power to change our lives, by helping us make course-corrections over time so that we head towards our Joy and live in the Flow.

xxx Grace


Here's How it works

Sign up below, and you’ll automatically be assigned an affiliate account and an affiliate link.

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All you have to do is use that link whenever you are promoting the Cyclical Wisdom Journal.

So, you might paste your link into a Facebook post or an email to your mailing list, and it will take interested folk to the CWJ info page so they can learn more about the CWJ.  If they make a purchase, the sale is attributed to you.

You can visit your Affiliate Dashboard to see all your stats, such as how many visits people have made via your link, and how many purchases.

For each copy of the CWJ sold via your link, whether digital or print, you receive US$15.  Referrals are paid out each Monday to your Paypal accountPretty fun!!

So it’s pretty simple, and the most important thing is that you feel excited about the Cyclical Wisdom Journal and convinced it may be useful to some of your friends, cos then it’s easy to spread the word!

Thanks SO much for your interest and desire to Live On Purpose!

And any questions?  Just shoot me an email!

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