As women, we’ve been cut off from our embodied wisdom and spiritual roots for thousands of years.  Feeling stressed, unworthy, ashamed and overwhelmed is a natural legacy of being born into a patriarchal world.

At Priestess Your Life, our cyclical awareness tools and astrological insights will reunite you with your soulful purpose and help you be the confident, loving courageous woman you were born to be!

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I’m a teacher, astrologer and online content creator living in Manitoba, Canada, and I’m obsessed with cycles and patterns and how they relate to our embodied experience as women!

This work is not confined to women, but is informed by embodied female experience. This work honours cyclical * fluid * adaptable * intuitive * emotional * connection-motivated * present-moment * trust-oriented Ways of living as pathways towards wholeness in a time when the Earth, and on a smaller scale, we ourselves, are under intense pressure from five thousand years of linear * black and white * logical * rational * structured * achievement-motivated * control-oriented approaches.

We are all equally invested in this rebalancing, within ourselves, our families, our communities and our nations, as humans living on a challenged and vulnerable planet.

Part of this work involves helping us reconnect: to ourselves, our bodies, our power, our wounds and corresponding gifts, our sisters, our brothers, our children, our Earth. We are all connected. We are all part of the same ecosystem. This re-membering is Medicine the earth needs now…

I believe that we are all in a constant, creative cycle of transformation called Life.  

Each cycle of transformation – whether we’re talking our daily schedule, our menstrual cycle, the shift of the seasons, or the experiences of a whole lifetime – follows this same ‘map.’  Birth, growth and blossoming are always balanced by harvest, decay and death. It’s a very reliable process!

The trouble is, Western culture only appreciates the first half of the cycle, the ‘yang’ half.  You know, the fun, growing, productive, summery, positive, ‘up’ side of things.

And dislikes with a fair degree of intensity the other ‘yin’ half.  You know, the letting go, surrendering, wintery, ‘negative’, ‘down’ side of things.  (AKA, death and decay!)

This is tricky for two reasons: firstly, if our culture doesn’t value the ‘yin’ side of life, then we don’t get taught how to BE THERE, let alone to LOOK FOR THE GIFTS there!

It can be extremely painful to find yourself in yin terrain with no idea what’s going on and little support, such as when your body changes during menopause, or you have a baby and your whole identity has to shift, or you get a chronic illness, or a dear friend dies.

Secondly, if you happened to be born with a womb, you just happen to represent the yin principle in the collective consciousness, and therefore you are subject to undermining daily messaging that you that you and your body should be different (more yang, of course)!  

We internalise these messages, and can end up feeling extremely confused, unconfident, ungrounded and alone.


Priestess Your Life

My experiences over the last fifteen years of birthing my children, talking with clients and sitting in circle with hundreds of women, listening to their stories of pain and transformation, has made me ABOSLUTELY PASSIONATE about rendering the yin principle sacred – AS IT ONCE USED TO BE!

This is the work of ‘priestessing’ our lives: making holy that which has been made taboo and tapping back into our creative POWER as women.

One of the sources of this power is of the yin gift of cyclicity: cycles and spirals, as opposed to linearity and straight lines.  

My job is to help you orient to where you are in this amazing cyclical reality called LIFE, so that you can embrace the opportunities of the present moment, follow your joy and live your powerful truth!