2022 Astro Overview

January is often a month where we’re planning and mapping our year, although if you’re like me, it seems like there was barely any demarcation between 2021 and 2022, they seemed to roll right into each other! I certainly haven’t finished integrating, dreaming, visioning and planning and now I’m having to do all that stuff on the fly…

On top of this, you may also find yourself reassessing your values and what you wish to invest in (symbolised by the planet Venus moving ‘backwards’ through the earthy, practical, goal-setting sign of Capricorn at the moment).

Here’s a picture of 2022, astrologically speaking, to aid you in your visioning efforts and to help you pace yourself through the next twelve months!

Here’s the biggest takeaway:

The first half of the year will be ‘easier’ or more flowing than the second half.

April, especially from the 6th onwards, is a POWERFULLY POSITIVE MONTH! Make the most of it!

Jupiter and Neptune are meeting in Pisces ~ the biggest astro event of 2022. Pisces is a sign where both these planets are fully at home, and Jupiter in particular is arriving back home to a warm hearth after an uncomfortable time in foreign lands!

Plus, Venus wants to join the high-vibe party, and she happens to be exalted in Pisces, according to traditional astrology!

Symbolically, this is our search for truth and meaning (Jupiter) + our loving compassion (Neptune) + our values and desires (Venus), all in conversation together and significantly empowered! Whoo-hoo!

I’m resisting heading into sexual metaphors (haha, I’ll leave that to you!), but let’s just say a whole lot of blissed out connection could be available to us, symbolically speaking! And geez, after the grind of 2021, can’t think of anything better!

So April would be a great month for any visioning or launching your vision, creativity, ceremony, cleansing, connection, consciousness-raising work, dissolving conflict and singing up positive cultural change!

June is a strong month for communication, curiosity and learning of all kinds (New Moon in Gemini + Mercury shifting into Gemini, fresh from a retrograde period).


Then from August 2022 onwards, things may feel slower or denser.

We’ll be dancing more closely, once again, with the astro dynamic (Saturn-Uranus square) that seems to be playing out as the pandemic and associated control measures, and more broadly, the way society is changing as a result of these experiences.

There’s a host of planets in retrograde, and a second eclipse right on top of Uranus (let the butt jokes begin!), perhaps translating to a sense of ‘one step forward, two steps back,’ and potential shocking exposes. Not bad, per se, just dense energy.

So, if the first half of 2022 may feel lighter and more straightforward, how could you make the most of this?

How might you frontload your work so that you are ahead of your game by the time 1 July rolls around? What would that take?

What would you need to prioritise?

For example, my Wild Witch sister is batching some of her newsletter content, and inviting others (like me) to share, and in doing so, to share the load. Brilliant!

What if you invested in extra self-care, or a family holiday, early on, in order to be more resourced and grounded for the second half of the year?

Would love to hear what comes to mind, for you, in response to this idea… 😊

The Wheel turns, reliably so. 2022 will be a different year from 2021.

May we experience a sense of collective emergence out of this emergency, and a flourishing of our loving consciousness!

If you’d like to have some fun divining your own personal future, and learning more about the slower planetary cycles that speak to the tone and trajectory of 2022 and beyond, please download your copy of Forecast Your Year 2022!