Natal Chart Reading or Soul Query (60 mins)


A exploration of your natal chart, or a customised conversation, based on your astrological queries and what is currently occurring in your life!
Includes a copy of your natal chart and digital recording of the conversation emailed to you.




This is a customisable 60-minute astrology conversation in which we can discuss the major points of your natal chart, or dive deeper into a particular aspect of your chart.  We can also explore what the astrological language and map has to offer in regards to an interest, query or soul-question you are holding…
We start by taking a look at your life through a big-picture (30-year) lens using the cycle of the Moon, in order to identify the general ‘tasks’ of the moment. If you’re in a ‘letting-go’ phase, there can be some peace in knowing this, and trusting that the dissolution will cease at some point (cos it always does, and the moment of your birth provides concrete dates for these unfolding dates).
From here, we can discuss the key aspects of your birth chart, the astrological map that points to your soul’s deepest needs and values and what resources you have available to live out your unique calling.
Or you might have a specific query or experience about which you wish to gain insight and clarity.  Transiting planets may provide information about aspects of yourself that are under pressure at the moment.
If you are a particular age, then various planetary cycles may be worthy of some attention, ie. Saturn Return at 29-30, Uranus Opposition at 41-42, Chiron Return at 50-51, etc…) and we might focus on that instead.
We might also discuss:
  • particular archetypes, such as Lilith, Chiron or Vesta
  • the elemental balance of your natal chart (Fire, Earth, Air and Water)
  • or any particular issue, idea or question you have!
The nature of our conversation depends a lot on your age and what’s arising for you at the moment – please let me know what you are interested in talking about!

60-minute conversation via Skype.
Includes a copy of your natal chart and digital recording of the conversation emailed to you.


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